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Success Principles by John Paul Dejoria

John Paul Dejoria shares some powerful business principles from his experience building

Paul Mitchell and Patron Tequila. This is one of the most concise interviews I’ve seen that

really resonates with starting a new home business or website.

John Paul Dejoria’s Success Principles

  1. Believing in Yourself
  2. Be Prepared for Rejection
  3. Position to be in the Re-Order Business – Get Product in Their Hands
  4. Need to get People to Use Your Product
  5. Work 7 Days a Week
  6. Know what you have is so good will get through the tough times.

 Getting Started Advice

  • Make your product the best in your market
  • Have a story or excitement about your product
  • Know it’s the best and tell enough people about it
  • Pay attention to your customers who will be fans that will promote your product
  • Remind customers how to use your product – Education

“Like what you do, Like who you’re doing it with and Like who you are doing it for” – John Paul Dejoria


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