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Your Brain For Sale – Buy Now 50% Off

Are you giving your brain away for 50% off?
Several years ago I stumbled upon book that discussed the stages of working a job. The cover of the book had a staircase leading down like a sale chart showing a total nose dive!

I wish I had bought that book, I remember skimming the pages and it was really fascinating the psychology behind finding a new job and the transition to leaving to find something else.


Anyone who is working a job at one time or another snaps out of their hypnosis only to realize the are responsible for a lot and are being paid very little. Very little maybe a stretch, lets just say less than market value. Now of course there are several factors to consider. It’s important we think about location, work experience, benefits etc. which impact salaries. This moment of clarity was one of the stages in that book that leads to someone pursuing another job or starting their own business.

A great example of his is a friend/co-worker of mine who left our company and doubled his income! Before he left we met up for lunch with a couple of other co-workers to discuss his new opportunity. One thing he said and I’ll never forget is “You guys could easily do the same thing, put yourself out there and see what happens!” After the initial excitement wore off and our friend moved away to start his new adventure the rest of us just fell back into the daily routine.

Fast forward a couple years later and another one of our guys pulled off the same move. Another company offered him money more nearly doubling his current salary!

Our friend was right. It was possible for others to leave and double their income.

The message here is that you may be able to massively increase your income with the current brain that you have by leaving your job and going to work for someone else or yourself.

I’ve often wondered why is this the case?

Why is your present company going to pay you less than another company? Many have pondered this same question and the only argument is that they should be paying more to keep their people and promote from within.

Now here is the problem with that.

A current employees skills are known, they have already been purchased. There is no reason to pay them more, if they leave there are people lined up to fill that role. Unless you are a brain surgeon, more than likely you are expendable. You can be replaced.

And why would another company pay so much?

The answer is simple.

The are paying you for your experience that you have acquired over the years working for someone else. All of that knowledge in your brain is very valuable to another company. That’s what they are paying for. They are paying for the new, unknown, the mysterious knowledge you have acquired.


Wish you the best!



PS. When negotiating your salary – Let them offer you an amount first. Don’t reveal what you are currently earning. Don’t let them know you are making peanuts or else they will never offer you Big Bucks!

photo credit: hurleygurley via photopin cc

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  • Robert Avila 06/01/2014, 10:56 AM

    Don’t let what you are currently being paid dictate your net worth. Remember your corporate job is paying you the very minimum. They want the highest return on their investment. The lower they can pay you, the greater the return on your efforts.

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