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You Don’t Need Millon Dollar Software!

Build Laser Targeted PPC Campaigns at Lightning Speed!


Dear Search Marketer,

I started out building PPC Campaigns manually within the Google Adwords Interface, Yahoo! Search Marketing, and MSN Adcenter as well as with Adwords Editor and I know how time consuming it can be!

Next, after grinding it out with those methods, I moved on to building my own crazy Excel templates with insane macros to crank out my campaigns. No matter how much time I spent or how advanced my Excel skills became, I could never build out super targeted ad groups on a massive scale!

Now over the past 7.5 years I’ve even had the opportunity to use PPC Software that costs Millions of dollars per year and Speed PPC crushes them all when it comes to building out highly laser targeted campaigns! … FAST!

Are You Still Monkeying Around with Massive Excel Sheets?


  • Are you spending hours building your PPC Campaigns?
  • Do you get countless errors trying to upload bulksheets to your Google Adwords account?
  • Are you frustrated manually building laser focused adgroups?
  • Do you want to build highly targeted campaigns but don’t have the time it takes to do it right?


You may be thinking … So what?

Why do I need another piece of software to add to my collection of stuff I’ve bought that I never used!

What Will This Software Do For Your Business???


  • Save You Time.
  • Lower Your Costs.
  • Increase Your Conversions.
  • Lower Minimum Bids.
  • Improve Quality Score.
  • Improve CTR’s.
  • Improve Tracking
  • Increase Your Profits!


You’re Time is Better Spent Optimizing Campaigns – Not Building Them!

When I first used Speed PPC it completely blew my doors off on how easy it was to use and how much work I could get done in a matter of minutes. This piece of software paid for it’s self in profits multiple times over within the first few weeks I used it!

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Wish you the best!

Robert Avila

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PS. I had a client follow up 4 years later who was finally ready to launch their campaign. I had my files saved from Speed PPC, uploaded the files and it was live in 15 minutes! I had created everything with Speed PPC and was able to build everything with 1 keyword per ad group and the corresponding ads were laser focused for each ad group. The keyword research and build out may have been a couple of hours, however it would have taken several hours to build it out that specific. The exported files from Speed PPC made the upload super easy. Luckily I still had the files!