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Online Success – KodiakCurling.com

Here’s a great example of how to create a successful online business by identifying a need, providing a solution and focusing on a better customer experience. I recently spoke with Alex Ritter, one of the co-founders of KodiakCurling.com and he shared what inspired him and James Smart to launch their site.

curling shoes“The event that sparked the idea of Kodiak Curling was when I bought my first pair of curling shoes. I found that there was very little information available online to guide my decision making. From working at Zappos I expected several high quality pictures of each shoe on the market along with detailed information and customer reviews. What I found was one tiny image and about two sentences of generic text to describe each product. Ultimately I ended up spending close to $200 at random on a pair of curling shoes I wasn’t happy with. This experience spawned the idea to create a one stop site where curlers would be able to get all of the information necessary to make an informed purchasing decision on shoes, brooms, apparel, and anything else curling related.

Today KodiakCurling.com has high quality images of nearly every curling shoe and broom on the market and steadily growing traffic. The initial idea has expanded to the point where I am working on producing my own curling equipment and positioning the company as an innovation lab for the sport of curling.” – Alex

When you have a passion for something you begin to see opportunities in the marketplace!

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