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Are You Suffering From Delusional Success Syndrome?

Delusional Success is one of the most bizarre and fascinating things I have ever seen.

We all know the power of our subconscious mind. It is the software that determines what we manifest in our lives, yet very few know how to actively program the outcomes we desire.

This idea of delusional success is something that we can sometimes see very easily in others, however it may be not quite as obvious in our own lives.

My definition for Delusional Success is:

“Outrageous Optimism which ignores proven universal principles as well as current results to predict a future outcome. This behavior is also accompanied by a high level of enthusiasm.”

Here is an example.

You are very knowledgeable in your field and someone approaches you for your professional opinion and recommendation about a problem they are trying to solve or business they are trying to start. After hearing the details the one asking for your advice decides that they know better and the information, facts and figures you’ve provided just don’t apply to them nor their situation. They are going to succeed despite lacking a solid knowledge and business foundation. The example I am describing usually occurs when dealing with someone that is way in over their head. They are excited about step 5 in the process but they have know idea what step #6 through steps #3,000 are and that they even exist!

The example I have in mind is of someone with an online business going into one of the most saturated niches in the planet. A quest set out to compete with Goliaths of the industry while lacking financial backing, a business model, a business plan, a solid business differentiator and lacking employees to get it done!

When someone gets their mind set on an outcome … which is key of course in manifesting what you want, however substitutes business principles with complete delusional thoughts off success and ignoring lack of results they are doomed to spinning their wheels for eternity!

Delusional Success Syndrome is synonomous with the dreamer. It’s accompanied with a lot of talk about what will be however lacks a strategic plan and daily activity to get there. All the discussion and focus is on what will be … it’s foundation is purely based on hoping and wishing – not doing!

I’ve been there … perhaps you’ve been there. You may know someone who is living in a dream world and is completely off the deep end with their Delusional Success Syndrome. Sometimes it’s much easier to see in others than we can see it in ourselves. Sometimes we are in denial and want to point fingers at others so that we don’t have to face our own reality. Remember we are all mirrors for one another … what we see in others exists in ourselves, we just need to be aware of it.

The Solution for Delusional Success Syndrome? The Cure for Delusional Success Syndrome?

– Be honest with yourself.
– Acknowledge your reality.
– Be present in the now.
– Create a plan and stick to it.

Once you face the reality of now, accept where you are and layout a plan to get where you want to be (rather than daydream about it!) you can break the spell!!!

Allow those visions of the future to ignite you to take action now … and not freeze you with inactivity.


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  • Robert Avila 02/20/2013, 1:45 AM

    I’ve been recently talking with someone with Delusional Success Syndrome. It’s fascinating how they have convinced themselves to believe the most outrageous ideas without any facts to back up their beliefs. It’s as they believe in their own nonsense with some much conviction, that they have hypnotized themselves. You’ll notice these people when they talk about the same thing over and over .. as if they are BS’ing you on the actions they plan to take and it will almost sound believable! The catch is that it’s the same story they’ve told you a dozen times already! Beware! These flakes will waste your time.

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