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Testing Your Online Business

Once you have your business online, it is now time to make it profitable.

Like any other business it is important you have done your market research prior to launching your site. You can also do all the research in the world and everything comes down to presenting your website to the public.

You can do all the research in the world, identify a demand – and your site needs to “sell.”

Even with a demand (traffic) your website must be able to convert visitors to sales.

Think of this Internet marketing process as unlocking a safe.

There is a unique combination to open the flood gates with orders.

Test, test and test some more to unlock this fortress of Internet Sales.

Test Headlines.
Test Sales Copy.
Test Pricing.
Test Offers.
Test Ad Variations

One thing to keep in mind…is to test one variable at a time. Changing more than one variable may increase your sales…


It’s important to know what the “cause” was that resulted increased sales. Your future depends on it. Once you know what works, you can apply that lesson to other online businesses in the future.

It’s all a part of your online education.

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