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How to Earn $400K in Sales

A friend of mine for over the past 12 years is a true sales professional. The type you read about in all of those “How to Be a Sales SuperStar” – type books.

When I say sale professional here I am referring to corporate sales not home business selling.

In corporate selling, I’m talking about cold calling, scheduling lunches, high volume phone calls setting appointments, multiple appointments over several months sometimes years and meetings with Vice Presidents and CEO’s in big boardrooms signing million dollar contracts.

We met several years ago when I was starting out in sales.

By age 28 he had already earned over $190K per year and went on to later exceed $400K in annual income

He dresses like a professional.
He builds relationships 24/7.
He networks.
He’s driven.
Most importantly – HE WORKS HIS ASS OFF!

When we meet up and talk I always check in to see what’s new and how he is able to continue to succeed in selling. It’s obvious that it’s his work ethic, commitment to building relationships and helping others. He also loves what he does and has set high standards for himself. Being able to create huge income is important and he’s unwilling to settle for less.

There are no short cuts.

The challenge is we only see results of those who are successful and never get to see the day to day hard work involved.

This may be tough to hear sometimes because we tend to look for “secrets” and hidden tricks to quick success.

No matter what you are pursing: training for a marathon, earning $100K in your home based business, replacing your corporate income with your website revenue …..

It’s going to take planning, creative thinking and daily hard work compounded over years to get there.

The best resource for learning these skills can be found right here- Click Here

Wish you the best!


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