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What Do You Think My Grades Where?

After I graduated Purdue and moved to Las Vegas and neighbor and friend of mine asked me this question. What do you think my grades were in high school?
My neighbor was 29 years old at the time, had already owned his own business and was currently earning 2 six figure incomes!

I must have been asking him a ton of questions about how he became so successful when he aske me about his grades.

Now before he asked, he also told me that he was 1st in his undergraduate class as well as in his master’s program.

My response:

“Well, it’s obvious you must have been Valedictorian!”


He replied – “I had nearly failed out of high school and never saw college as an option!”

So you may be asking, what happened?

He took an IQ test and scored incredibly high!

This was the point where he realized college was an option and he began seeing himself differently!

You maybe thinking, well I don’t see myself scoring off the charts on an IQ test and achieving skyrocketing success!

Believe me, neither do I.

However ….

It all comes down to changing our beliefs.

“People follow through on who they believe they are” – Tony Robbins.

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Wish you the best!


PS. I’ve gone through this process and immediately noticed positive changes in my behavior.

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