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Network Marketing Horror Stories – Happy Halloween!

Network Marketing Horror Stories … Just in time for Halloween!

Story #1.

A few years back I attended an Internet Marketing seminar and had an encounter that is unfortunately very common. I was having lunch with a few seminar attendees when one of the people I was having lunch with handed me 3 different business cards for 3 different opportunities in about 15 minutes. What was even crazier was the fact that the business cards were obviously printed at home and there were still tiny stubs from the perforations!

Story #2.

Recently someone approached me with (this was of course all one long sentence) “I just started a new business and would like you to be business partners with me, our company has made so and so many millionaires, and I just recruited my first customer …. we going to be rich yadda yadda yadda …I am going to follow up with you ….some of the leaders in our organization something or other and the product does yadda yadda yadda etc. etc…

Story #3

I get a phone call from a friend … “Hey Robert …. can you come down to our new office tomorrow at 10:30 am and support me in my new business opportunity … it would really mean a lot to me and it will show my manager that I am committed to the business” – Yes … I was called the night before to attend a business opportunity meeting that was going to take place the next morning …Thanks for the 12 hour notice!

The list could go on and on however I think you get the point.

The problem is that the completely wrong approach is being duplicated throughout far too many businesses.

What is lacking here is proper training on how to build a professional business that will attract people rather than repel them!

If a Fortune 500 company had a sales force that did some of the things I listed above, that sales force would be fired and those companies would be going out of business! So how could anyone in the Network Marketing Industry believe their business model can succeed with these types of approaches.

Building your network marketing business like a professional takes training. If you want to build a solid business with your current opportunity the best recommendation I can make is to invest in yourself and get the proper training.

You can start here by watching these free videos: Professional Network Marketing Training Videos

Never Give Up and Keep Building!


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