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How Long Does It Take To Become Successul?

For years I have had the belief that to become successful at something, one needs to invest several years and that it takes a long time. You may share that same belief?

Now “become successful” is defined by our own perceptions and expectations.

The measure for your success may be income, or job title, or family, how many kids, being married, what kind of car you drive … whatever YOU decide.

Let’s just say that it’s income.

Over the years I have heard 3 years as a benchmark and more commonly 10 years.

10 years seems to be the one I hear in business and people becoming famous etc.

Change Your Beliefs Now!

If we believe this, on one hand we won’t be discouraged not seeing results. On the other hand it may crush our sense of urgency and we may drag on for years not reaching our goal because we told ourselves or society told us it will TAKE LONG to get to be who we want to become or achieve what we want to achieve.

Recently I have witnessed 2 friends go from earning $35,000 per year to over $100,000 per year within about 36 months. In each case, they achieved this in their mid twenty’s.

Change Your Beliefs Now!

When you see or hear stories like this it shakes up your beliefs … which is good!

It forces you to look at your own life and begin to question what’ possible for you.

Recently I have been studying the Lefkoe Method for changing one beliefs.

Morty’s process for changing belief is unlike anything I have ever seen over the past 20 years.

You can learn more about this technique here:

The Process

Now back to our young six figure earners. How did they do it?

In both cases this is what I’ve seen:

– They were intelligent.
– They were self starters.
– They weren’t distracted with other ventures outside of their day job.
– They were willing to let go of where they were (security) and go for the unknown.
– They were also willing to re-locate and sell their homes.
– They said not to the good and YES to the BEST!
– Lastly they believed they were worth earning that kind of income.

To make changes and re-create your life Start Here and change a belief for Free!

Wish you the best!


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