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Increase Your Income from $5K/Month to $50K/Month

A good friend of mine recently increased his income from $5,000 per month to over $50,000 per month!

My mind has been blown over the past year many times when I received phone calls like this – “Hey Robert …. Had another killer day today … Made about $___________ today!”

Multiple that above conversation several times (I must have received 20+ phone calls like this!) and fill in the blanks with…. $1,800 …. $8,000 …. $20,000+ etc!

One week his profit nearly exceeded $70,000!

Before I explain how he did it, it’s important I give you a little background to his story.

Only a few short years ago while working in business to business sales my friend (co-worker at the time) took me on a little “field trip” as he called it! We visited a friend of his that just purchased a sick Pearl Tangerine Orange Lamborghini Gallardo cash for about $160,000. This new owner of the Lambo was running a successful business with only a few employees and bringing in a few million per year in sales. This new addition was a new edition to many other cars in his collection.

My friend said that the purpose of the “field trip” was to stretch my vision of what’s possible!

Upon returning from that “field trip” … My friend told me how he would one day own a Lamborghini, pull it up just outside my office window, rev the engine and blow my windows out … shattering glass in my cubicle!

When he said this…

  • He was serious.
  • He was passionate.
  • He was determined!

Well, just the other day … He pulled up to my office in his new Black Porsche Carrera S … Paid for Cash.

The Power of Belief !

The Power of Belief !

He had manifested the thoughts in his mind!

I said to him – “This is similar to what you had told me about showing up in the Lamborghini and blasting my windows out!”

He replied … “It’s only a matter of time!”

When I asked him how he did it, he said that it all came down to his Beliefs!

He has been devouring every piece of information he could get his hands on focused on creating wealth, goal setting and empowering beliefs.

He said that getting clear with his Intentions, Setting Goals and Visualizing what he wanted to achieve everyday was the key to his success. His strong beliefs eliminated all doubt and gave him a level of certainty in what he was going to make happen!

When he changed his beliefs … His income increased from $5,000 per month to averaging over $50,000 per month. One month I recall he exceeded about $130,000. This was accomplished with the same resources he had all along.

The only thing that changed was his Beliefs.

He changed his Beliefs.

What will you have to believe to create your new reality?!


PS. My friend actually passed on buying a Tangerine Orange Lamborghini Murcielago before picking up the Porsche. The price was right, however the opportunity cost was too high and that seed money will bring in much more income in 2010!

PSS. My friend is a stock investor and his income exceed $660,000 in about 9 months.

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