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Overcoming Obstacles – Stuck in New York with No Food or Money!

One of my first jobs out of college required me to attend training in New York.

The training lasted 8 weeks and I lived in a hotel while learning about advertising with a group of about 25 people.

During our training we were paid, however our 1st paycheck just like starting any new job seemed to take an eternity to receive!

We finished an intense week of training and it was late Friday afternoon. When I arrived back at my hotel room it was such a relief finishing that hectic week.

Looking over by the TV, I saw a bag of chips and and orange.

Next, I changed out of my shirt, tie and dress slack to put on some comfortable clothes and start enjoyed the weekend.

Then it dawned on me.

My checking account balance was zero and so was my savings.

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No worries, I had a credit card with me.

Big Problem.

Now this happened a long time ago, so the exact details are a little fuzzy. Somehow I remember having an available balance for a cash advance, but for some reason I must not have had the credit card with me to actually use it to make a purchase.

I was in a Jam. The only food I had was that bag of chips and that orange I kept staring at.

I began calling the friends to see if they could wire me some cash to hold me over until I was paid the following week. Luckily no one answered on those initial call and I didn’t leave any voice mail.

It was a humiliating experience.

How could a college graduate, someone who is supposed to be smart be in this situation?

Earlier I had called my credit card company and learned they couldn’t send me money to the same city I was in, just in case the card had been stolen.

This fact stuck in my mind.

Read More About Delusional Thinking.

I then thought of asking empowering questions that I had learned from Tony Robbins.

How could I get that money sent to me???

I knew that if I could solve this problem, I’d be able to deal with just about anything.

Then it hit me!

They can’t send me money in the city I was in, so I sent the money to someone else in Las Vegas and had them wire it to me in New York!

I remember walking to this tiny grocery store late at night to visit the Western Union thinking I’d be mugged, or the money didn’t get sent to the right place.

It Worked!!!

The money was there and I was able to survive the weekend and get something to eat!

Why am I sharing this?

  1. You and I are real people.
  2. People make mistakes and can get into a real jam.
  3. If you are committed you can solve any situation.
  4. You can change your circumstances. You have the resources.
  5. That resource is Your Brain!

You have what it takes right now to Think Your Way out of your current struggles and Challenges!

Wish you the best!


PS. What causes us to get in over our heads and make poor choices?

Read More About Delusional Thinking.

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