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Need a Career Change? How I Quit My Job

Here is a crazy story that changed the course of my life …

After taking a 14 day motorcycle trip up Pacific Coast highway with a couple friends and returning to Las Vegas, I arrived back at my office and 20 minutes later I quit my job!


This is a totally insane decision …

Do Not Do This Unless You Have a Solid Game Plan and Money in the Bank!

Before taking this trip, I rarely would take any vacation days. Being in sales it never seemed like a good time to take any days off. There were always projects in progress, something we were working on in the pipeline etc.

Sometimes I think we feel as though everything will fall apart if we take some time off and in reality it’s just not the case. We have to force ourselves to take some time to relax and recharge our batteries.

My Friends Income went from $5K/Month to $50K/Month!

Several months earlier a friend asked if I was interested in taking an Epic motor cycle trip from Las Vegas, up the Pacific Coast Highway to Oregon and back through Area 51 to Las Vegas.

Since this trip was planned 6months in advance it was easy to say Yes!

Taking that trip was one of the best decisions of my life. It gave me time to think.

The trip was in June and we hit extreme cold, heat, rain, you name it. Luckily we were prepared for everything so nothing stopped us from riding.

During our trip I never called into the office as I usually did in the past. I was totally unplugged from my job and enjoying the experience.

My Friends Income went from $5K/Month to $50K/Month!

We met cool people along the way, stayed in little town along the way, saw some amazing coastline views and even set off the flood lights at 1pm in the morning trying to approach Area 51 !!!!

Every morning we would wake up and get on the road early and would be stuck in traffic with everyone driving to work. It felt so good to not be a part of that morning commute to my job.

It was the first time I felt free!

I still remember like it was yesterday, leaving Area 51, Rachel Nevada heading back to Las Vegas. This entire trip I didn’t give much thought to my plan when getting back to work. Although I really enjoyed the people I worked with (I consider them family and still keep in touch) I needed to pursue Internet Marketing, something that I really was passionate about.

That first day back, the first conversation I had was with my manager to resign.

That decision set me on a completely different path which led me to working at Zappos.com and learning Paid Search as well as e-commerce on a level that generates over $1 Billion in Annual Sales.

Why Share This Story ….

When you are committed, you will always find a way to change the course of your life. When you do, that one decision will open up and endless number of new opportunities and relationships.

Before that trip I felt hopeless. Broken. I felt their wasn’t a profession out there that I would enjoy.

I felt stuck.

Wish you the Best and Don’t give up!


PS. On that trip we say a Porsche Club with about 8-10 Porsche 911’s pass a group of Harleys!

After that trip my friend Pete went out and bought one!

Learn how he went from earning $60K per year to over $600K!

My Friends Income went from $5K/Month to $50K/Month!

Have an awesome day!


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