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Online Business Challenges

When you start out with your online business it’s important to keep in mind that your success will not always follow the path you have in mind. This is true for any business or goal in life.

Things do not always go as planned.

What tends to happen is we may have a vision of our Internet business success locked on the radar of our mind….and when things don’t turn out that way – it’s like getting slapped!

Do not get discouraged…

Encountering challenges along the way is where the real learning takes place. If everything went smooth…we would learn much less.

The challenges along the way will cause you to think at a higher level to figure out a solution. It will also send you on a search to find and answer, often leading you to more resources that you may have never come across.

Recently I ran into a road block with an eBay listing.

My listing for my “College Success Tips”ebook was removed. I was going in circles trying to find out why it was removed for a copyright violation. After a series of back and forth emails….over several days I had the answer.

All I had to do was note that I was the author listing the item.

That’s it – Problem solved!

Sometimes the easiest things will get a little squirrelly!

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