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Marketing Online – Abundance

Have you been studying any Internet Success Stories?

One of the most amazing things I find it difficult to wrap my mind around sometimes is the exponential growth of website traffic and online sales.

Internet marketers earning $500 per month in sales, who eventually earn over $900,000 in sales 6 years later. How does a successful entrepreneur go from an income of online sales of $700,000 one year…and the next $900,000?

Where did the additional $200,000 in sales come from…..?

And how does one go from $500 a month in sales….or even more realistically $0.00 in sales…to replacing their income to earn over $50,000?

Think about that.

– Where does all of the traffic come from?
– Where are all the new sales coming from, that seemed to be non-existent?
– How do sales continue to grow each year?
– Why does it take so long to ramp up sales and income?

Well, it’s like anything else….there are so many millions of people all over the world and it takes time and activity to reach them all.

Even if you are doing all the “right” things….it will take time for traffic and sales to ramp up.

The “right” things being:

– Offering a valuable product or service that is in demand
– Search Engine Optimization
– Providing free article content
– Contributing in forums and building relationships
– Email marketing
– Marketing your affiliate program
– Participating in joint ventures
– Blogging
– Optimizing keywords
– Sending out a newsletter
– Networking

As long as you have something to offer, that is valuable and in demand….there is an abundance of people that want what you have.

*It just won’t happen overnight!

* Unless you have zero competition and something everyone is looking for or you joint venture with someone who has a huge list they can email – offering your product or service!

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