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Hypnotic Selling in Action

Hypnotic Selling is a skill set that involves using persuasive words very strategically during a conversation to influence another person by lowering their resistance.

I recently had the opportunity to see this in action while I was visiting a friend. My friend was waiting for her insurance agent to visit and update her policy. Prior to the insurance agent’s arrival, my friend kept telling me how she was worried about being sold more insurance! For at least a half hour that’s all I heard. She said “The only reason the agent was coming to visit me is so that they can increase my insurance premiums”. She also mentioned, “They could’ve just as easily updated my information over the phone. Why do they need to send someone over to my house? It’s to sell me more … I Know it!”

Based on what I’ve learned over the years I can already see this was going to be a self-fulfilling prophecy!

When the new insurance salesman arrived. He was very friendly. He was very polite. It was as though an old friend had returned home visit.

Right out of the gate he established himself as being a friendly non-salesman. He did a great job of building rapport.

My friend came right out and said “I don’t want to buy more insurance”. The insurance salesman laughed…

He said that “I’m not here to sell you more insurance, I’m only here to update your insurance information and update you on what coverage you do have.”

Now my friend kept saying “I can’t afford more insurance” … and the agent kept saying “I’m not here to sell you more insurance”.

Next, while the insurance agent reviewed his questions, my friend was asking what it would cost to purchase more insurance? The insurance agent responded that it may not even be necessary. He reassured my friend that he wasn’t there to increase the monthly insurance premium. One thing however he did mention was very very interesting.

During his conversation he kept saying the same phrase repeatedly…

He would say “If it’s reasonably doable to pay an extra $X, you could add additional coverage?”

“If it’s reasonably doable…”

This was the phrase that he repeated over and over again.

When he mentioned the additional monthly premium he followed up by saying “If it’s reasonably doable”.

It’s as though that phrase was a command. A command saying “It is reasonably doable!”.

Having experience in selling, hypnotic selling, persuasion and the sales process, it was very obvious to me what he was doing. He had been selling insurance for over 20 years and I believe that he didn’t even notice he was using that phrase over and over again. It was very natural to him the way the words just flowed.

As you can imagine, my friend purchased the additional insurance!

There are a few things in play here:

1. My friend had already convinced herself that they were going to be sold.

2. The salesperson used convincing subtle hypnotic language to make a sale.

3. I believe the insurance agent really had no intention of selling more insurance. He just responded to my friends requests when asked about additional pricing and coverage.

It was also apparent that the insurance agent was willing to update the paperwork and leave without any additional coverage or sale. His willingness to walk away made the offer even more compelling.

This meeting was very conversational and not the traditional sales pitch we see on a regular basis, it was very unsuspecting.

So the next time you are talking with a salesperson, pay close attention to their word selection. If you are dealing with a successful salesperson with years of experience, realize their word choices are not by chance. Nothing is left to chance.

The sales process is a very logical, strategic step-by-step method leading the conversation and one’s thoughts to say YES! There’s a lot of psychology involved!

Wish you the best!


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