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Does Hypnosis Really Work?

Does hypnosis really work or is it just a hoax?

The idea of hypnosis still eludes people today and for many it is seen as only entertainment like an act on the Las Vegas Strip. Over the past few months I have been a part of several conversations around hypnosis. The discussion is always the same. There are only one or two people out of every ten or so that belief in hypnosis and the rest are skeptics. In each of these discussions, I share my own personal experience that happened at the Hard Rock Hotel in Las Vegas.

I attended a Marshall Sylver show, it was his first performance at this new venue. My friend Rich attended with me. We were both huge Marshall Sylver fans and months prior we attended his Turning Point seminar. If you have the opportunity to attend Marshall’s Turning Point Seminar – Do It… It’s Awesome!

Now during this Hard Rock Hotel performance volunteers were asked to join Marshall on stage.

My friend Rich volunteered and limped up to the stage. (Earlier that week he twisted his ankle pretty bad)

There must have been about 20 people on stage or so and Marshall was performing a hypnotic induction and observing who was most susceptible. My friend Rich was then selected to be part of his show!

Now this is where things become very interesting.

Marshall then gave Rich the following hypnotic commands:

1. “Rich when you are back sitting in the audience and you hear me say HARD ROCK HOTEL you are going to become furious!”

2. “Now the second time I say HARD ROCK HOTEL, you are going to become even more angry with me and actually shout at me!”

3. “and the third time I say HARD ROCK Hotel, you are going to be so enraged, boiling over with anger that you are going to run up on stage and attempt to punch me in the face!”

After this …

Rich returns to his seat, we were sitting way in the last row of the venue. I looked over at Rich and he appeared like his eyes were glazed over. He appeared to be deep in trance!

Marshall then carried on with the show …. and then mentioned the phase “It’s so nice to be here at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino….”

Sure enough … I look over at Rich and he was pissed!

He starts shaking his head in anger.

Next …

Marshall continues his show … and for the 2nd time …. mentions “Hard Rock Hotel”

Rich now stands up … points at Marshall on stage and yells “I thought I told you to Shut Up!”

At this point … Marshall instructs those around us to move any glass bottles or anything else Rich could possible throw at him on stage!

Now this is the best part!

Marshall once again for the 3rd time says the phrase “Hard Rock Hotel”

Then …

Rick get ups from his seat…
Throws his chair out of the way…

And ….

Runs toward Marshall on stage in a complete rage!

Now remember Rich has a twisted ankle … he was hobbling around before the show.

As he ran up toward the stage it was as if his ankle was in perfect condition!

Once Rich made it on stage … ready to take a swing at Marshall…

Marshall commands SLEEP NOW!


Rich is laid out on the floor by Marshall’s assistants. His body completely became like a jellyfish as he collapsed into the assistants hands. He was laying on stage like a fish!

To finish off the show, Marshall leaves Rich with one more hypnotic suggestion. He tells Rich that when the show ends that he will greet and thank all the attendees as they exit the show!

Well, I waited for about 30 minutes for Rich after the show ended as he greeted every single person leaving!

It was unbelievable … something I will always remember.

You have to see it for yourself, you will be truly amazed when you see it with your own eyes!

Wish you the best!


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  • Peter Birlea 11/11/2011, 5:10 PM

    Yes, in marketing my self-improvement hypnosis program for internet marketers I always have to fight the skepticism people have towards hypnosis. I’ve included an FAQ page, proof from scientific peer-reviewed journals, statistics, effectiveness rates…

    The saddest fact is that stage hypnosis is still WAY inferior to clinical hypnosis (aka hypnosis for change and self-improvement). Hypnosis for unlocking your potential is a fine art that is not at all harmful – and doesn’t even involve someone else’s (i.e. the hypnotist’s) control/power over you.

    You work with your own powers towards unlocking them.

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