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How to Stop Procrastinating

You’ve been battling procrastination and racking your brain on how to start taking action!

You have something right now that needs to get done in order for you to move forward with your life. The problem is no matter what you’ve tired nothing seems to work. You just can get yourself to do what it is you need to do!

The solution to your problem overcoming procrastination is closer than you think. As a matter of fact it’s all between your ears, locked away in your mind. You have the solution you just need to know how to unlock it or simply put how to see it!

Personally I’ve procrastinated on so many things in my life that I’ve lost track. I could go on and on, however I’ll spare you the long winded story and share one specific example.

I have to admit this is kind of embarrassing and kinda of stupid now that I think of it. I would guess most people reading this would say, how in the heck did this guy put this off for 7 freaking years!

Now what’s important is that yes it is silly, it’s true and it represents the 100’s of things in life that we’ve procrastinated on.

Most importantly, this one thing I procrastinated on for 7 years was accomplished in less than 20 minutes!

What was it you ask?

Getting a Passport.

That’s it. Getting a passport took me 7 years and 20 minutes.

Now here’s what happened.

I monkey-ed around for 7 years not getting a passport because of my limiting beliefs:

• I’ll do it next week.
• I actually don’t need it right away anyway.
• I can’t find my birth certificate.
• Even if I find my birth certificate I’m adopted so the name doesn’t match my driver’s license.
• Money’s tight right now I’ll have to wait.
• I lost the passport form, I need to get a new one.
• The excuses go on and on ….

Here’s where everything changed.

I thought I had seen about every solution out there until I came across a simple program that focuses on eliminating limiting beliefs.

Now the program I’ll admit at times may seem repetitive…

However – It Gets You Results!

The small investment of time will pay off.

Once I finished the process of removing limiting beliefs, without even thinking about it I found myself doing things I had put off for years! 7 years to be exact with this passport situation.

I figured out the birth certificate things, drove to the post office and within 20 minutes the process was over. Now of course it took a couple weeks to receive it – but submitting the form, taking the photo and paying the money was over in about 20 minutes.

When I walked out of the office I had said to myself , “This simple process took me 7 years!” What the heck was wrong with me?

The answer?

Limiting beliefs.

And removing eliminating beliefs was the solution!

To find out more on how to not procrastinate – Click Here.

You are one click away from ending your frustration.


Robert Avila

P.S. Once you eliminate limiting beliefs you no longer have to try to force yourself to do things, it just starts to happen naturally.

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