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PPC Classroom 2.0 Live on USTREAM

A couple of weeks back PPC Classroom Live was here in Las Vegas. I had the opportunity to meet Anik Singal briefly during his tour of Zappos.com and thank him for the awesome training from PPC Classroom 2.0. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to attend the live event this year, but I was able to see all the presentations!

ppc classroom 2.0That weekend I was on my computer for 16 hours straight working on some projects and thanks to USTREAM I was able to watch PPC Classroom Live …. Live from my home office!

How insane is that. This was actually a mindblowing experience for me and the first event I’ve ever attended from home. The upside was being able to get a lot of work done and still be able to attend the event and take notes. When everyone took a lunch break I had a 2 second walk to my kitchen.

Now here is the other side to this. Although I was able to jot down some notes like a maniac as I watched the speakers I completely missed out on meeting some of the incredible affiliate marketers that attended.

Networking is the most important part of attending events. Make every attempt to attend live events and for circumstances when you are pressed for time or your budgets tight go with the USTREAM option.

Have a great weekend!

Robert Avila

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