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What happens if no one buys your book?

As I was writing “College Success Tips” , my cousin asked me the above question.

I replied…..what do you mean “What happens if no one buys my book?”

She said do you still get paid?

This question completely floored me. My jaw was on the ground.

There is a valuable lesson here – The Entrepreneur Mindset is completely 180 degrees from that of an employee.

My cousin is one of the hardest working people I know.

She has worked 2 jobs her entire life. Her conversations usually include the amount of hours she works per week, how much overtime she has worked….and what extra income she can earn with holiday pay.

In her world, one expects to “do and get.” To work “X” amount of hours for “Y” amount of pay.

She knew I had spent several months, writing, revising, editing and finishing the 25,000 word ebook “College Success Tips” – and she wanted to know what was that worth?

I let her know that if no one purchases the ebook…there is no income – zero!

She said…..yeah….but don’t you still get paid for writing it?

It just wasn’t sinking in.

The answer is no.

As you begin or progress on your entrepreneurial journey…..remember their is risk and uncertainty that must be overcome.

There is also great reward that lies on the other side of your comfort zone….which many will never understand.

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