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Google Adwords – Adding Negative Keywords

As you are building your Google Adwords campaigns and doing your keyword research – Remember to add Negative Keywords.

This step is often over looked!

If your campaign is lacking negative keywords it’s highly likely your impression count will continue to skyrocket when new keywords are being added to your program. This will have a negative impact on your click through rate (CTR) and drive up your costs.

Once your campaign is running be sure to run a Search Query Report to identify opportunities for negative keywords to add.

Check out this quick Google Adwords video to learn more about negative keywords and how to run a Search Query Report.

This video provides a real world example featuring Galaxy Desserts.

Have an Awesome day!

Robert Avila

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  • I agree that creating a portfolio of negative keywords is crucial to the health of your paid campaign.

    Besides improving your CTR, adding negative keywords saves you money by avoiding useless clicks.And who wants to waste money, especially in this economy!


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