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Avinash Kaushik – 5 Things Marketers Can Do Now!

Last week I was on a webinar with Avinash Kaushik where he discussed – “5 Things Marketers Can Do Now” to increase revenue, reduce costs, improve customer loyalty and retention.

Avinash began the call with the following quote by Jan Carlzon:  “You cannot improve one thing by 1,000 but you can improve 1,000 little things by 1%”

These are not just great words of wisdom for Internet Marketing, but for living one’s life!

Focus on making incremental improvements by focusing on several smaller easy wins rather than try to move a huge mountain.

Enjoy Avinash’s webinar and identify some opportunities to improve your metrics. You’ll learn a lot and he’ll have you cracking up too!

The best part had to have been his definition of Bounce Rate:

“I came. I puked. I Left!”

You can also check out Avinash’s blog at Occum’s Razor

Have an Awesome Day!

Robert Avila

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