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What Should I Blog About?

What should I blog about?

This is a common question. All of us at some point have writer’s block at one time or another. If you are currently pondering this question “What should I blog about” I am willing to guess that it may be the one thing that is holding you back from getting your Internet Marketing business started.

Quit asking yourself What should I blog about and just get started writing. You already know exactly what to blog about because it’s already inside of you.

In just a few minutes I am going to share with you and idea…. a new way of looking at things … a new belief to get you started.

When I was faced with the question of What should I blog about? and went weeks even months without finding an answer this is what I did.

I looked at my beliefs surrounding this question and realized I was stuck on the outcome. I was thinking of what brilliant earth shattering information could I possibly share? I was stuck and frustrated. I had no idea what to blog about. It was like that movie “A Beautiful Mind” where the actor Russell Crowe was in search of that one original idea.

Striving for perfection is a great if it inspires you to produce great content. When you feel as though what you write has to be perfect and brilliant then you aren’t going to write anything. If you are thinking of the perfect thing to write … you are thinking and not writing!

This is the belief I adopted that ended several months of never updating my blog.

“Who cares what I write. I am going to think of my blog as a collection of my favorites. My blog will be a place I can always reference to find cool stuff I have learned and discovered over the years. It will be a place where I will share the answers to questions I struggled to find. My blog will be a place of inspiration for others who share the same interests and hopefully what I write will be of value and help others too.”

Take the pressure off yourself. Share what’s important to you and what life is like through your eyes. Your writing style will develop over time and your posts will flow smoothly with experience.

I personally looked at my blog and said “Would I enjoy visiting my blog?” and the knee jerk reaction was No!

Once I formed this new belief, blogging became fun and It was no longer work.

It was no longer a have to. It became something I wanted to do. Now when I ask that same question, without hesitation the answer is Yes! – Yes, I would visit my blog and enjoy the content.

Start by writing what interests you and forget amount monetizing it and how many daily unique visitors you are getting. Over time you will develop your style and engage with your readers by answering their questions.

Once you have reached the point of writing consistently about what your readers are asking for then you have a real opportunity to make a difference by sharing what you know.

The first step is enjoying the process and being consistent. You may slip up here and there, however get back at it until you form a new habit of enjoying the time you spend writing on your blog. In time your focus and passion will reveal itself. You will begin to notice what topics a majority of your posts are focused on.

Monetizing your blog and optimizing it will come with time …. Focus on enjoying the process of writing first.

– Robert

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