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Web Analytics – Understanding Your Numbers

As you are growing your Internet Business using Google AdWords it’s important to know your numbers.

You will want to dedicate time towards tracking your impressions, click thus, number of orders, sales revenue, click thru rates, conversion rates and ROI goals. This may seem obvious, however it’s easy to lose site of the numbers when you are busy adding new content, testing new web designs and finding new ways to create value for your visitors.

What happens if you don’t know your numbers?

Well, you are flying blind. There is no way to truly know where are at in respect to your sales goals, traffic goals etc. Is what you are doing working? Who knows unless you are tracking your progress.

So let’s say you have started tracking your numbers in Google Adwords and are documenting your results in a spreadsheet. You now have an ongoing view of your impressions, click thru’s, cost, revenue etc.

Now What?

What does all this mean?

If your click thru’s are low, then revisit the Keywords you are bidding on and review your Google AdGroup Titles and Descriptions. Perhaps the terms you are bidding on aren’t as relevant as they could be to your AdGroup Creatives? Are your AdGroups specific enough? If not tighten them up so that your Keywords are highly focused and relevant to your Keywords being searched.

Once your click thru’s are respectable, now lets take a look at your conversion rate.

When you see low conversions it’s time to do some investigating and find out why? Review your landing pages. Are your Google Ads driving traffic to the most relevant pages on your site? Is the page you are sending visitors to giving them what they want? Is the landing page answering the question they are searching for? If not make some changes to the sales copy on your landing page or choose different landing page to send visitors to.

Now the other hand, if your click thrus are great and you have high conversions it’s important to understand why you are successful so that you can duplicate your results in the future.

Here is a quick review:

Low Impressions – Your Keywords are receiving a low search volume or your bids are set too low. Keyword research and reviewing your bids will help you identify what is causing low impressions.

Low Click Thrus – You ad copy titles and descriptions are not enticing your visitors to click on your ads. Revise your creative and include the Keywords you are bidding on in the title and description. Continue to test different ads until you see improvement.

Low Conversions – Review your landing pages and sales copy. Is the Keyword you are bidding on relevant to the landing pages you are sending visitors to? If not revise your sales copy headline. Sometimes a headline change can yield a higher conversion by drawing in the visitor to read the rest of your sales page. If you are still not seeing an increase, revise the body of your sales copy.

You can apply reviewing and understanding your analytics to: Conversions for opting in subscribers to your mailing list, selling products on your site or how well the traffic you are sending to an affiliate site is converting.

Wish you the best!

Robert Avila

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