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Tweet Adder Alternative?

You may have been using Tweet Adder in the past and are looking for a Tweet Adder Alternative?

ManageFlitter to Easily Manage Your Twitter I was recently looking for a solution to manage my twitter account. In the past, I was using Tweet adder and as you know it’s no longer available. When I was using Tweet adder I was using it manually rather than using the automated features. I was concerned that the automated feature may possibly get my account banned.

The amount of information that software provided was pretty detailed. Unfortunately it’s no longer available… Bummer!

The solution that I found is called ManageFlitter.

Manage Flitter doesn’t have the automation that Tweet adder has which I don’t believe many other software packages offer that because it would violates twitter terms and conditions. The best part there is an option to use a free version of the software to test it out. The main feature I was looking for was the ability clean up my account and unfollowed users. Manage Flitter allows you to identify fake accounts and accounts not following you back or that of unfollowed you and you can add them to a queue. Once added in the queue you can manually unfollowed them.

Unfortunately, my follower to followers ratio is out of whack – so I can follow anyone =(

If you use Tweet adder in the past or looking for a way to manage your twitter account – definitely check out ManageFlitter.

ManageFlitter – Work Smarter and Faster with Twitter!


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