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Robert G. Allen – Multiple Streams of Internet Income

During the fall of 2007 I was reading Robert G. Allen’s book – “Mulitple Streams of Internet Income”, and it completely transformed the course of my life.

I can still remember reading his book and reaching a page that mentioned going to the computer and setting up a free website in less than 10 minutes. After reading that passage my inclination was to put it off and do it tomorrow. As I read further down the page Robert reiterated, if you haven’t set up your site …. do it now.

Robert G AllenWell I got off my butt and just like he had said within less than 10 minutes I had a website. Today that site no longer exists but I remember it was a site with hundreds of products similar to Best Buy. This site allowed the name of the store to be customized as well as the color scheme and logo. The objective was to drive visitors to the site and earn commissions when visitors purchased from the site.

The big lesson here was to Take Immediate Action.

After setting up that site, I remember going into work the next day and being so proud of “having a website”. I was telling eveyone about it. The site was very clean for being a template and it made me look like a genius even though I didn’t know anything about web design or Internet Marketing.

When you take action and produce something it’s the greatest feeling. Even though I hadn’t make one penny I felt like a million bucks!

This experience set off a chain of events that lead me to learn everything I could about Internet Marketing, SEO, Paid Search and Affiliate Marketing.

Below is an except from Robert G. Allen’s book – “Multiple Streams of Internet Income” Reading this intro had me hooked from the first sentence. By the time I was finished reading this it was game over! – I had finally discovered what I wanted to do with my life.

Imagine making money while you sleep. Imagine waking up richer every morning than when you went to bed the night before.

Imagine receiving streams of money from people all over the world.

Imagine a business that operates on autopilot- whether you show up or not.

Imagine low overhead and high profits.

Imagine operating your business from exotic worldwide locations – from a cell phone on the beach in Tahiti or from your laptop in a restaurant atop the Eiffel Tower.

If you can imagine these things, you can achieve them using the vehicle of the Internet.” – Robert G. Allen

Step One: Stretch Your Vision

Step Two: Take Action

Wish you the best,

Robert Avila

PS. The book in the image is actually another one of Robert’s books. The one I am discussing in this post is titled “Multiple Streams of Internet Income” and has been revised so the cover will look a little different.

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