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Amazon Affiliate WordPress Plugin

If you’re currently working with the Amazon Affiliate Program you know it can be very time-consuming to add affiliate links to your blog posts!

You’ve always known that there had to be a better way!

Rather than spending your time logging into your Amazon affiliate account, finding a product and then pasting that code into your blog posts you can use EasyAzon to quickly add these links.

I recently installed the WordPress Plug-In EasyAzon, which is in an affiliate marketing plug-in for Amazon affiliate program.

Be sure to check out this product in watch the video overview!

Once you purchase the plug-in you’ll be extremely impressed at the quality of the plug-in as well as of videos on how to set up your EazyAzon.

This plug-in is definitely a game changer!

What’s amazing about this WP Plug-In is that you can access it as you’re writing a blog post and search Amazon products to add to your post. You’ll see a product image and you have the ability to customize your search criteria to find products.

If all this doesn’t blow your doors off, what I’mn about the share with you definitely will!

When adding products to your website from Amazon’s Affiliate Program this plug-in is extremely flexible. It will allow you to add a text link, product image, product with additional description text, as well as a variety of Amazon Buy Buttons!

The flexibility and thought that went into this plug-in is worth a 1000 times what you pay for it.

Click on the link below and take a look at EasyAzon. The moment you watch the video you will quickly realize how much time this is going to save you!

Click Here To Watch The Video!

Wish you the best,

Robert Avila

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