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Shawn White – Red Bull Project X

The other day I was watching Red Bull’s Project X with Olympic Snowboarder Shawn White. He was up in Silverton, Colorado on a private run inventing new tricks! A huge foam pit was dragged up the mountain so that he could attempt his new extreme snowboarding tricks on a monster half pipe.

During the interviews mixed into the mind blowing footage of Shawn’s runs, he made some enlightening statements about his profession and being the best in the world.

Shawn talked about his feeling of confidence at the 2006 Winter Olympics before this run. He knew the outcome before his run and had a sense of certainty. This was the feeling he was attempting to duplicate in the 2010 Olympics. Shawn also talked about visualization … this word came up quite a bit when he described his sport.

The monster foam pit you’ll see in the video allows Shawn to take what he visualizes in his mind and practice it until he has mastered the trick.

This process is similar to your business. You visualize your approach, presentations or how you would like your website to look first. This is followed by rehearsing and practicing or testing various elements on your site until you have achieved a level of mastery.

Be sure to check out this awesome Shawn White Video!

Watching Shawn White dominate this killer half pipe is sure to inspire you with ideas on how you can Revolutionize Your Business!

Enjoy! – Robert

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