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Now an 18 year vacation is how I define moving to Las Vegas.

18 years ago a few friend had planned on visiting Las Vegas for vacation and at the same time I had some relatives who had recently moved out there. I had never been to Las Vegas and actually never had any desire to go there.

My Godfather had retired from Ford Motor Company and moved out there during the past year and when my friends decided to visit I thought I may as well make a trip out there too.

Here’s what I was thinking:

      My Godfather lives there.
      Friends are going to visit.
      I actually committed to another friend that I was going to move there.

      How cool would it be to ride my motorcycle out there!

One afternoon as my friends were all talking on the phone about the trip – I blurted out

“I’ll meet you out there … I’ll ride my motorcycle and meet you guys!”
Everyone was like What !!! You going to ride from Indiana!

It was to late. I had publicly declared my intention and there was no turning back.

I did modify my plan however. After giving it some thought, I decided to drive my car in case I wanted to stay for awhile and find a job. This would also give me more room to pack some close if I never came back!

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Now when I say car, it was a 1968 White Chevy Impala.

The car was in great shape however had not Air Conditioning and would need some repairs along the way like a new radiator in New Mexico and I needed to add some oil when I stopped for gas.

* Just wanted to be specific on the car. It wasn’t a Mercedes S65 AMG V-12 with 621HP !

I remember driving over the Hoover Dam at 10:30 at night and it was lit up like a concrete fortress, then over the mountains to the neon of Las Vegas.

I hung out with my friends for a week and Friday hanging out by the pool one of them asked:

“So when you driving back home?”

My reply.

“Never, I’m not going back. I’m staying!”

And that’s how it happened. 18 years later I’m still out here.

My thought process behind all this:

      I only told one person I was thinking about moving there. My friend Ed. Z

      I told everyone I was on vacation to leave myself an out. In case I didn’t like it, I didn’t want to look like a failure crawling back home.

      I committed to my friends that I would meet them there.

Personally the biggest factor was committing to friends that is what I was going to do.

My word was my bond.

It all started as a thought, all the pieces arranged like the perfect storm and I made a commitment.

I keep this in mind when making decisions. It’s important we know our own psychology and how we get ourselves to follow through on things. Once we know this, we can follow the same thought process and emotional connection to get ourselves to follow through in the future.

Wish you the best!


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Wish you the best!



Are You Buried Deep in Credit Card Debt?

You read that correctly.

$30,000 + in debt – Twice!

To me that is a ton of debt and to others millionaires and billionaires it a relatively insignificant number.

I’ll assume that you as I do, see this amount as massive and potentially financially devastating.

As you may have learned along the way, perhaps from Tony Robbins:

Life will continue to give us the same challenges until we learn from them.

Obviously I didn’t learn the 1st time and found myself behind a massive wall of debt again.

Who are you really working for?

Not that this makes the debt any less devastating this is where all the money went:

$30,000 + in debt – The First Time

  • joining a multi-level marketing company and charging $3,500 ( To Get Started)
  • various audio programs, books, CD’s and attending personal growth seminars.
  • airfare to visit family for the holidays.
  • auto repairs.

$30,000 + in debt – The Second Time

  • making mortgage payments while working on a loan modification.
  • auto repairs.
  • traveling to internet marketing events, airfare + hotel.
  • working with internet marketing consultants.
  • purchasing software.
  • internet marketing courses

The reason I share how I racked up that debt is to differentiate it from most peoples debt that may look like the following:

  • concerts
  • vacations
  • home electronics
  • fine dining
  • entertainment

My justification may be “it was all education … I was trying to get ahead…. I didn’t blow it on frivolous stuff like everyone else!”

Either way it’s Financial Irresponsible.

Who are you really working for?

The biggest problems here that we often overlook are:

Yes, we didn’t charge that much however the interest really racked up.
The debt is going to cripple us financially and mentally for decades to come if not solved.
We need to ask – How are we allowing ourselves to get in so much debt?

In my case, it was wishful thinking that what I would learn would yield so much income the debt would be paid off fast! – Basically wishful thinking. Delusions of grandeur.

The other part of it for me was not addressing the low income portion.

Rather than taking action on earning more income, paying off my debt faster – I spend more time on learning how to shift around credit card balance and living paycheck to paycheck.

Why am I sharing this with you?

I believe we need to share our mistakes to help others learn from them. My goal is also that you do not feel alone or “stupid’ or you don’t have what it takes to one day prosper. Sometimes we just need to hear that other people out there have made the same mistakes.

Wish you the best!


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Need a Career Change? How I Quit My Job

Here is a crazy story that changed the course of my life …

After taking a 14 day motorcycle trip up Pacific Coast highway with a couple friends and returning to Las Vegas, I arrived back at my office and 20 minutes later I quit my job!


This is a totally insane decision …

Do Not Do This Unless You Have a Solid Game Plan and Money in the Bank!

Before taking this trip, I rarely would take any vacation days. Being in sales it never seemed like a good time to take any days off. There were always projects in progress, something we were working on in the pipeline etc.

Sometimes I think we feel as though everything will fall apart if we take some time off and in reality it’s just not the case. We have to force ourselves to take some time to relax and recharge our batteries.

My Friends Income went from $5K/Month to $50K/Month!

Several months earlier a friend asked if I was interested in taking an Epic motor cycle trip from Las Vegas, up the Pacific Coast Highway to Oregon and back through Area 51 to Las Vegas.

Since this trip was planned 6months in advance it was easy to say Yes!

Taking that trip was one of the best decisions of my life. It gave me time to think.

The trip was in June and we hit extreme cold, heat, rain, you name it. Luckily we were prepared for everything so nothing stopped us from riding.

During our trip I never called into the office as I usually did in the past. I was totally unplugged from my job and enjoying the experience.

My Friends Income went from $5K/Month to $50K/Month!

We met cool people along the way, stayed in little town along the way, saw some amazing coastline views and even set off the flood lights at 1pm in the morning trying to approach Area 51 !!!!

Every morning we would wake up and get on the road early and would be stuck in traffic with everyone driving to work. It felt so good to not be a part of that morning commute to my job.

It was the first time I felt free!

I still remember like it was yesterday, leaving Area 51, Rachel Nevada heading back to Las Vegas. This entire trip I didn’t give much thought to my plan when getting back to work. Although I really enjoyed the people I worked with (I consider them family and still keep in touch) I needed to pursue Internet Marketing, something that I really was passionate about.

That first day back, the first conversation I had was with my manager to resign.

That decision set me on a completely different path which led me to working at Zappos.com and learning Paid Search as well as e-commerce on a level that generates over $1 Billion in Annual Sales.

Why Share This Story ….

When you are committed, you will always find a way to change the course of your life. When you do, that one decision will open up and endless number of new opportunities and relationships.

Before that trip I felt hopeless. Broken. I felt their wasn’t a profession out there that I would enjoy.

I felt stuck.

Wish you the Best and Don’t give up!


PS. On that trip we say a Porsche Club with about 8-10 Porsche 911’s pass a group of Harleys!

After that trip my friend Pete went out and bought one!

Learn how he went from earning $60K per year to over $600K!

My Friends Income went from $5K/Month to $50K/Month!

Have an awesome day!



One of my first jobs out of college required me to attend training in New York.

The training lasted 8 weeks and I lived in a hotel while learning about advertising with a group of about 25 people.

During our training we were paid, however our 1st paycheck just like starting any new job seemed to take an eternity to receive!

We finished an intense week of training and it was late Friday afternoon. When I arrived back at my hotel room it was such a relief finishing that hectic week.

Looking over by the TV, I saw a bag of chips and and orange.

Next, I changed out of my shirt, tie and dress slack to put on some comfortable clothes and start enjoyed the weekend.

Then it dawned on me.

My checking account balance was zero and so was my savings.

Read More About Delusional Thinking.

No worries, I had a credit card with me.

Big Problem.

Now this happened a long time ago, so the exact details are a little fuzzy. Somehow I remember having an available balance for a cash advance, but for some reason I must not have had the credit card with me to actually use it to make a purchase.

I was in a Jam. The only food I had was that bag of chips and that orange I kept staring at.

I began calling the friends to see if they could wire me some cash to hold me over until I was paid the following week. Luckily no one answered on those initial call and I didn’t leave any voice mail.

It was a humiliating experience.

How could a college graduate, someone who is supposed to be smart be in this situation?

Earlier I had called my credit card company and learned they couldn’t send me money to the same city I was in, just in case the card had been stolen.

This fact stuck in my mind.

Read More About Delusional Thinking.

I then thought of asking empowering questions that I had learned from Tony Robbins.

How could I get that money sent to me???

I knew that if I could solve this problem, I’d be able to deal with just about anything.

Then it hit me!

They can’t send me money in the city I was in, so I sent the money to someone else in Las Vegas and had them wire it to me in New York!

I remember walking to this tiny grocery store late at night to visit the Western Union thinking I’d be mugged, or the money didn’t get sent to the right place.

It Worked!!!

The money was there and I was able to survive the weekend and get something to eat!

Why am I sharing this?

  1. You and I are real people.
  2. People make mistakes and can get into a real jam.
  3. If you are committed you can solve any situation.
  4. You can change your circumstances. You have the resources.
  5. That resource is Your Brain!

You have what it takes right now to Think Your Way out of your current struggles and Challenges!

Wish you the best!


PS. What causes us to get in over our heads and make poor choices?

Read More About Delusional Thinking.


How Long Does It Take To Become Successul?

For years I have had the belief that to become successful at something, one needs to invest several years and that it takes a long time. You may share that same belief?

Now “become successful” is defined by our own perceptions and expectations.

The measure for your success may be income, or job title, or family, how many kids, being married, what kind of car you drive … whatever YOU decide.

Let’s just say that it’s income.

Over the years I have heard 3 years as a benchmark and more commonly 10 years.

10 years seems to be the one I hear in business and people becoming famous etc.

Change Your Beliefs Now!

If we believe this, on one hand we won’t be discouraged not seeing results. On the other hand it may crush our sense of urgency and we may drag on for years not reaching our goal because we told ourselves or society told us it will TAKE LONG to get to be who we want to become or achieve what we want to achieve.

Recently I have witnessed 2 friends go from earning $35,000 per year to over $100,000 per year within about 36 months. In each case, they achieved this in their mid twenty’s.

Change Your Beliefs Now!

When you see or hear stories like this it shakes up your beliefs … which is good!

It forces you to look at your own life and begin to question what’ possible for you.

Recently I have been studying the Lefkoe Method for changing one beliefs.

Morty’s process for changing belief is unlike anything I have ever seen over the past 20 years.

You can learn more about this technique here:

The Process

Now back to our young six figure earners. How did they do it?

In both cases this is what I’ve seen:

– They were intelligent.
– They were self starters.
– They weren’t distracted with other ventures outside of their day job.
– They were willing to let go of where they were (security) and go for the unknown.
– They were also willing to re-locate and sell their homes.
– They said not to the good and YES to the BEST!
– Lastly they believed they were worth earning that kind of income.

To make changes and re-create your life Start Here and change a belief for Free!

Wish you the best!