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Network Marketing Saturation

One of the most humorous comments I have heard in the Network Marketing industry has to be:

“That opportunity is already saturated”

Now let’s really think about this.

There are over 300 Million people living in the United States and over 6 Billion people living on planet Earth.

The idea that something has reached a saturation point is crazy! Yes there are very competitive markets and there are always new players coming to the table in competitive markets that succeed. Whenever someone would say this I would think that the person wasn’t willing to work and needed to come up with an excuse.

When building your business focus on quality people. Focus on successful people looking to better themselves and their families. If you are running into squirrelly people with ridiculous excuses, then raise the bar and recruit up. Your time is too valuable to spend it convincing people that don’t have an open mind and a strong work ethic.

Keep Your Business Moving Forward!


PS. Even though there are hundreds of attorneys in the phone book is the market saturated? Have law schools closed their doors because all the attorneys needed have filled every position? – No.

PSS. Have Coke and Pepsi stopped advertising because they have been around so long that they have saturated the marketplace? Of course not. Customers will continue to be acquired for years and years to come.

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